Timberline Pens

I handcraft every pen from start to finish. Many of the wood blanks are harvested, dried, and prepared from unique finds. NO duplicating machines or assembly line production is used. I try to pick woods that have "character" i.e. knots, eyes, figuring etc. Some are unique to an area.

Pens start as small rectangular blocks of wood, called 'blanks'. Those are cut to the appropriate lengths. The blank is then drilled and a brass tube is glued into the center. That is mounted on to a hi-speed lathe where a series of passes made by hand with various tools will shape the blank in to it's initial pen shape. After the shape is defined, a series of passes made by fine sand papers give the wood it's final shape. They are then buffed to a high gloss.

The piece is then fitted with the hardware of the pen kit using a press. At this point, the pen is ready to be enjoyed for years of service as a fine writing instrument.


I use fine selections of exotic woods & burls including: Bocote, Snakewood, Olive, Iron Wood, Burl, Manzanita, Oak, and others.

Colorful acrylics are also used.

Timberline Handcrafted Pens | San Ramon, CA 94583 | timberlinepens@yahoo.com